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Maverick Sports Jr. Mountain Bike League

05/19/2019, 11:00am MDT
By Chelsea Roth

Join  Maverick Sports Jr. Mountain Bike League Today
Team Breckenridge Sports Club Sponsored Team

Mountain Biking is an AWESOME cross sport to Alpine Ski Racing and Freeride Skiing, and Maverick Sports Promotions runs a great Jr. League here in Summit County over the summer months! 

We at Team Breckenridge Sports Club sponsor a team! The jerseys look great on the kids, and the group rides and races through Maverick Sports are great for our athletes and community. 

Entry into the league is $100 ($50 of that is refundable through by working 4 hours at events throughout the summer). Entry includes entry into the first 6 races of the Summit Mt. Challenge series, a League Jersey, and the opportunity to attend all Group Rides. What a deal! 
And the best part about the League? There are very few MUST Dos or "you gottas". The League has been very free flowing and fun for 16 years and we intend to keep it that way!


CLICK HERE and register with Maverick Sports Today! 

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