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Freeride Devo

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Chris Hawks

Chris Hawks

Freeride Director and Head Coach

Phone: (970)390-4246

About Freeride Devo


The goal of the Freeride program is to train athletes to become the next generation of professional skiers in a safe and controlled environment. A few of our premiere athletes include; Mark Nowakiwsky, Emilia Wint, Ethan Swadburg, Cody Cirillo, Kai George, Levi Asher, and Greg Spalding.  With the growing participation in new school skiing, athletes need organized training to compete at the top level. Whether an athlete is looking for Olympic Gold, X Games Gold or just great all around skiing skills Team Breckenridge Sports Club Freeride is a great place to train. Athletes will learn vital skills in all disciplines of freeride skiing including terrain park, big mountain and moguls. We produce “Skiers For Life”.


The Freeride Devo Team's objective is to teach young athletes (generally ages 7-10) to ski the whole mountain with ease.  Utilizing freeride techniques, we teach athletes to successfully navigate groomers, moguls, trees, powder, steeps and terrain parks. Head Coach Chris Hawks says, “there will be no sitting at the terrain park on a powder day”. We emphasize fun all mountain skiing with the emphasis on skill development and progression. Our dedicated coaching staff are either PSIA or USSA certified instructors. This is the best all mountain skiing experience for young skiers. On snow devo orientation is required in November;

  • Saturdays

  • Focus on all mountain skiing with a Freeride perspective 

  • 30% of the time in terrain park, 70% skiing all mountain terrain

For More Information See Program Guide. Click here for Program Guide.

Recent TBK News

VSO Partnership & Impact Testing

10/21/2019, 4:30pm MDT
By Chelsea E. Roth

                                       Image result for vail summit orthopedics
Team Breck is excited to be partnering with Vail Summit Orthopedics this year. As our partner, they are offering great benefits for our athletes.
1. Impact Testing - VSO is offering TBK athletes (12 y/o and older) concussion impact testing for $15/test. An hour long test is administered to determine a baseline. If your child ever hits their head or has a questionable crash, they can compare results with the baseline to determine if they're concussed. If you would like to sign up, please choose a date/time by clicking here. If these times do not work, you may call VSO and schedule an appointment separately. 
The test for athletes 11 and under is not as reliable and more expensive. However, it does exist and is available at VSO for $75/test. Please reach out to Rachel Freeman directly at VSO if you're interested in testing your younger athlete. ( or 970-296-4811)
2. Free First Office Visit - VSO is offering free office visits for the first visit per injury. When scheduling, let them know you are part of TBK. 
Dr. Cunningham is our team doctor and will be present at our races/ events for the season. 

City Market Community Rewards Program

04/01/2016, 12:00pm MDT
By Chelsea Lynch

City Market Community Rewards Program


City Market is committed to helping communities grow and prosper! 

Here is how easy it is to help Team Breckenridge Sports Club raise funds via the City Market's Community Rewards Program. This is a club wide fundraiser. 

1)      Register your City Market Value Card (King Soopers card) online  (CLICK HERE) 
     a.       Click on enroll now

     b.      Enter TBK’s # (10415) or “Team Breckenridge” (if you don't already have an email tagged to your account, you can set up an account that is linked to your exciting City Market Card) 

     c.       Click enroll and complete the account information.

2)      Shop at City Market, every time you shop for groceries and swipe your card/alternate id, Team Breckenridge earns a rebate. 

3)      This does not at all affect your personal coupons or gas points.
We know there are many programs to choose from for the community rewards program.  Team Breck Sports Club Athletes and Members Thank YOU!