Team Breck Alpine Spring Camp

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Arapahoe Basin Spring Camps 2021

Fact Sheet        


Camp Philosophy:

Team Breckenridge Sports Club May Spring Camps provide opportunities to all athletes to train within the comforts of a home environment, while gaining important skills and progressions necessary for athlete development in the sport . 


This is a great opportunity to utilize living in Colorado at affordable camp prices, while athletes are able to gain skills necessary in ski racing without the pressure of in season competition. Our TBK staff believes in the skill development and enjoys this opportunity to work with athletes to improve on skills they will take forward into the new ski season. 

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  • Fundamental technical progression in SL and GS
  • Movement analysis with video sessions on and off the hill
  • Terrain skiing
  • Introduction to next season’s training group
  • Camp blocks to provide training opportunities to all athletes
  • All ages welcome to attend


Camp Dates:

Spring Camp Dates, Fri-Mon: 

Fri April 30- Sun May 2

Fri May 7-  Sun May 9

Fri May 14- Sun May 16

Fri May 21- Sun May 23

** Friday training will be from 12:45 till 4:45

*** Saturday and Sunday training sessions will be from 8:30 till 1:00

****Check TeamSnap for updates


Arapahoe Basin Liability Release

Click Here and please sign the Liability waiver prior to training



Due to COVID Regulations the van will not be operating this season to A-Basin


Camp Registration: 

Click Here for TBK Member Registration (A-Basin)


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Payments will be due the Tuesday  prior to training sessions for proper staff planning.  Discounts for those that register in advance and pay at the same time. Families asked to try and plan ahead and register prior to April 26th. 


 Camp Fees:   

$50 for Members 

$80 for Non Members   

  • Registration for single days will need to be done Tuesday prior training session so we can staff accordingly.. We ask to consider planning ahead and register prior to April 26th. 


Other Notes: 

  • Full Time Athletes– daily rates do not apply, as your program fees cover ‘Spring Camp Fees’. 
  • Age Class Candidate Opportunities:    
  • Spring Camps:  All Sat/Sun sessions. Second year U10 Friday’s participation by approval.
  • Summer Camp: 2nd year U12 and older. All athletes must show strong intent by participating in 6 + spring camps and by coaches referral.
  • Team Breckenridge Sports Club Summer camp environment is advanced and for the mature athlete.It is our view that it is not athletically necessary for a U10 or 1st year U12 athlete to participate in summer camps, with consideration to the long term progression and financial commitment to the sport. The Team Breck Sports Club staff, highly recommends attending Spring Camps at A-Basin for all athletes.
  • Devo Sat/Devo Comp Invite:  
  • Devo Comp Spring Camps:  All Sat/Sun sessions. 
  • Devo Saturday: Sunday sessions.


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