Academic Athlete

Team Breck is proud to partner with Summit School District and the Peak School to serve our full time Alpine and Freeride student-athletes. Team Breck believes our athletes are students first and we work with school counselors, athletes and parents to encourage academic success. We provide the most flexibility of any regional ski team, so even our full time athletes can pursue the competitive academic IBDP program at Summit High School.

Summit County Schools offer an Academic Athlete program for middle and high school athletes involved in club sports that require training during school hours. Students must enroll in the Academic Athlete program with their respective school in order to participate in training during the school day, and must adhere to the rules of the Academic Athlete program. This class has strict guidelines for participation and high expectations to succeed.  Attendance is mandatory and grading is set to the standards of all TBK programs.  This program is only offered to TBK members pursuing ELITE levels of sport.

TBK Athletes wishing to participate in this program must be approved by their program director to participate no later than July 15.  


All Summit High School Academic Athletes MUST fill out the SHS Academic Athlete Google Form by July 15th 2024