Does Team Breckenridge provide uniforms?

  • Team Breckenridge does not provide uniforms. Athletes are required to wear a team jacket. You can purchase the jacket new or you can purchase a used jacket from a teammate.

How many athletes does Team Breckenridge have?

  • Our current membership is 130 athletes. We believe in maintaining small, individualized programs. Our membership includes all Alpine disciplines, Freeride and Big mountain.

What is a work deposit and why do members have to pay this?

  • Youth organizations such as TBK revolve around a community and volunteer environment.  TBK is no different. It is the support of our community and membership that lead to success.  Whether it is hosting a competition for our local membership or hosting a fundraising event that helps support high level programs and lower program fees, our success is dependent on our involvement.  Without volunteer membership support to enhance our programs, we must pay others to help accomplish our goals.  The Work Deposit Program gives each family the option to either support the club with a personal investment of time or pay someone else to do the work that must be done.

What volunteer hours are available to support Team Breckenridge?

  • TBK has a variety of volunteer opportunities in which to work off a Work Deposit or simply help support the club and local community.  We have a number of subcommittees that are tasked with specific areas of commitments and interests that must be filled, we have administrative tasks available, we need on-hill and competition support, we host a number of fundraising events each year that require membership commitments, grant writing opportunities are available, support for our marketing and public relation programs, membership awareness, education and relations all play a vital role in our success.  We need your support in all areas.

Why are there two ski clubs in Summit County?

  • Summit County is very fortunate to have two options for junior athletes to consider for alpine, mogul and freeride programs.  Different philosophies, training techniques, cost, program sizes, coaching styles, allocation of resources and experiences are all considerations in selecting the program that best fits your needs and desires.

Does Team Breckenridge Sports Club have a Snowboard Team?

  • Team Breckenridge does not have a snowboard team.

Does Team Breckenridge Sports Club provide transportation from Denver to the mountain?

  • Team Breckenridge does not provide transportation from Denver.

Do program fees include a season pass?

  • TBK program fees do not include season passes. Discounted season passes are available to TBK membership through Breckenridge Ski Resort beginning in October.

How do I get my discount season pass voucher?

  • Once all membership requirements have been met, TBK will distribute your season pass voucher (upon request) .  Usually this is available in mid October.