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Welcome to Team Breckenridge Sports Club Ski Programs

Team Breckenridge is a non-profit youth ski program which offers a variety of programs for youth athletes.  Below is a brief description of each program but we suggest calling 970-547-9099 and speaking to a coach to decide which program works best for your child.  We are here to help along the way and are happy to answer any questions you may have.


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Our development programs are designed for athletes who are focused on progressing in their sport, getting outside, and having fun. They are enthusiastic skiers who want to develop freestyle and all-mountain skills while enjoying the camaraderie of a team. While they’re passionate skiers, they want to enjoy summers and holiday breaks free of training (dryland and holiday camps are not included in program fees for Development programs). While they may be interested in competing at a local level, they’re not looking to travel far afield or pursue high-level competition. Looking for a program with a higher level of commitment? Check out our competitive programs on the previous page.



Alpine programs prepare athletes to compete at the highest level of ski racing.

Our programs range from weekend options only to full time programs that encourage our athletes to compete at a FIS level.

Race Team staff emphasize skill development and gate training to enhance the fundamentals and skills of high-performance skiing while helping athletes understand and display sportsmanship, teamwork, and mountain etiquette. Teams are organized in age-based groups, U8 to U16+, and participate in races from Youth Ski League up to U16 Championships.

Contact our Alpine Director, Heidi Armstrong with questions about the Alpine programs. Alpinetbk@teambrecksportsclub.com
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Big Mountain/Freeride

Big Mountain & Freeride Programs encourage athletes to build the physical strength and confidence to become excellent skiers.

We offer athletes the opportunity to compete both regionally and nationally at some of the most notorious and competitive IFSA competitions.

This program provides kids the chance to refine their skills in a fun environment with the goal of creating well-rounded athletes who understand and display sportsmanship, teamwork, and mountain etiquette.

Contact our Big Mountain Director, Chris Hawks with questions about the Big Mountain programs. Chawks@teambrecksportsclub.com
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